Valentine’s Day

The flush in my cheeks turned feverishly hot,

Every sensation stronger than I would’ve thought,

And every second that lingers and passes on by

Is another second I have spent pondering why:

Why does the sky seem so much more radiant

as if every single colour was a contrasted gradient?

Why do my fingers cringe with such desire?

Your touch has set the tips on fire.

And why, why do I feel that all the sadness on the Earth

no longer affects me, no longer has worth?


I suffer from such a disconcerting disease

Of love, of longing, of overflowing ease,

And if I were ever to chance upon an aid

I’d dispose of it in seconds to keep my love arrayed.


Caught in a state between hysteria and bliss,

I’ll be turned blind by emotion given the kiss,

And even in my dreams, this paradise continues to exist,

A conjured up storm of emotions in midst.


Let this moment last, let it never wear away,

This beautiful bliss from Valentine’s Day.


19 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. I think this is my favorite of your poems so far, the vocabulary is quite commanding. I felt my breath go out as I recalled this feeling of falling so helplessly and wonderfully in love, needing that touch or that kiss as much as the air in my lungs..

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