A Love Song

This is perhaps the first love poem I have ever written that doesn’t damn romantic love in any way and hopefully, it won’t be my last.


You and I are a love song, encased with the world’s cheesiest clichés,

Every gentle melody, every pitched emotion wrapped around our days,

And every beat of this musical piece creates a memorandum in my heart,

Our sentiments intertwined in lustful lyrics, a vivid piece of art.


And everytime the chorus comes along, we’ll forget the world exists,

We’ll walk under this evergreen canopy as euphoria persists,

This is the lullaby that soothes my thoughts when I can’t fall asleep at night,

These are the upbeats and the downbeats that make every single little thing feel right.


But our love isn’t just some verse, some strung together chant, some expressive cry,

Unlike a forsaken aria doomed to see an end, our love continues and won’t ever die.

28 thoughts on “A Love Song

  1. I love this poem. I have a question for you Bluesander: can I use your poem as a lyrical sample for a rap I’m writing. I’ll need your permission and any sample of your poem i use will be copyrighted to you. And if I make a mp3 or recording of the rap you’ll get royalties if I make money off of it. get back to me whenever you get the chance. Thanks.

  2. :'(. okay i don’t have words to describe this piece. It’s been a while since i checked in any of my follower’s blogs; this one’s the first one i guess. Anyhow, this thingy you wrote, it is just too beautiful, to be honest, i broke down in tears, yes men do cry! Really awesome ‘nessa. :).

      • Oh Epiphany, how I’ve missed you! I hope you’re feeling a little better. I know life is being hard for you, but I’ll keep reading what you write, so don’t stop writing.
        You’re one of my first friends, and yes I do mean friend, here and I want to support you like you’ve supported me…and continue to do so. Thank you. ❤

        • Heh, I’m back and not going nowhere now :). Yeah, I think i’m leading the right track now. Thanks for that, i will NOT stop writing. Oh, that’s so sweet of you. Till yesterday i thought i had no friends, thank you so much ‘nessa, it means the world to me :’). <3.

  3. … and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

    i carry your heart
    i carry it in my heart
    —-E. E. Cummings

    You are getting there girl, as I read this, these words came to me, I Carry Your Heart is the poem I always aspire too, I have yet to achieve it … you’re getting there …

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