This sadistic side of me.

There’s this part of me that yearns and churns for your deafening despair,

This part of me that wants to lure you in with a thousand praises until you fall into my lair

Where I will offer no relief, none of that love you think you know so well,

This sickening segment of my heart that wishes you, and you alone, a one-way trip to Hell.


So fall into this knitted trap, let me sing you songs of love that soothe and heal your weary soul,

Let me bestow these butterfly kisses upon your silly self and light your heart aglow,

Then when all your trust and fortune lie in my very own tainted hands,

Let me rip apart your inflated heart – tear it at the strands.


But this better part of my mind will ache in subtle agony if I inflict upon you pain,

This loving, foolish side of me that lingers on despite the dreams that life has slain,

It begs its counterpart to stop, to let the love just be,

And I do hope to God that it manages to override this sadistic side of me.


16 thoughts on “This sadistic side of me.

  1. This poem is a perfect picture of why it is said that the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. It is funny how the greatest hatred and the greatest love can live simultaneously in the same relationship. Beautiful illustration of that!

  2. Oh my, i love this piece. On a very personal level, I can relate. When my son was abused… I wanted nothing more than to lure his abuser and do the unthinkable, even had a plan to do so. Thankfully it didn’t plan out. My children need me more.
    Thank you for this piece, evoked many emotions. ♥

  3. It won’t let me reply to your reply 😦
    I made it public a couple of days ago actually, since I am mostly on trzr23. I don’t even know where you found a link, I’ve been looking for one to see if it works. Good to know it does. WordPress confuses me 😦
    Thank you!

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