A slimy, repulsive beast slithers in from the darkness,

Lunging out towards you and hissing at its starkest,

You ignorant fool, you cannot run away,

There’s no way to escape this desolate fray.


And still you squander off onto the wrong path,

Fueling madly this enraged creature’s wrath,

You spew out those words in complete disbelief,

Still yearning for some kind of kindred relief.


You look over your shoulder only to see the shadows draw near,

A shriek too inflated to be contained darts into your ear,

Yet still you lie there in your warmongering distaste,

Unable to match this demon fiend’s haste.


In this incomprehensible confusion, in this messed up demonic realm, come to your demise.

This filthy hellion that stands in your path is nothing more than those damnable lies.

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