Had writer’s block at my writing club today and our leader told me to use the word “bicycle” at least twice. Fun. Only had 3-5 minutes to write. Something I can develop later? Maybe.

That bicycle. That stupid, mocking, shameless piece of metallic trash. Yes. That bicycle. Just the sight of its ridiculously put together mechanism makes my blood churn. It’s not really a bicycle. No, it’s a cold-blooded, demon-spirited, heartless murderer. This bicycle took everything from me. It replaced the love of my life with a soulless piece of marble: a gravestone in our local cemetery.

I wish I had never bought that bicycle.


10 thoughts on “Bicycle

  1. This is too funny and cute, I want to know what happened!…. And then I reread it. And I wonder, is it still funny? Because no one else seems to think of it as funny. Did I read it too fast? Because I saw her yelling at it from a exercise perspective. ._.

    Maybe… Oh pooh. I’m just going to think of it my way because that’s what writing does… right? ._.

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