Two sides of the same soul.


and Yang.

Two sides of

the same soul.

I’ll cry on the inside

while I laugh.

All tears

All smiles.

Clutch on to pessimism.

Embrace the optimism.

I try to hide

while I shine.

My wordpress.

My tumblr.

I’m mature, troubled, misunderstood.

Innocent, naive, far too blissful.

I’m always alone.

I love my friends.

I lie.

Hey look, I lie too.

I hide my other self.

And I don’t? We’re the same soul.

I feel so fake.

Then what is real?

This world

And this world

Are slowly colliding.

19 thoughts on “Two sides of the same soul.

  1. “I lie. Hey look, I lie too”. I’m not even going to try to explain what I got from that. But seriously, brilliant.
    I feel the same way though – like I’m more than one person. I often don’t know how such polar opposite sides of me can be contained in one mind. I understand each side so wonderfully, and am comfortable with both. But I do not understand the whole of myself at all.
    So here I am: an unstable amalgamation of emotion. Is this insanity? I ask myself that alot for many different reasons. But I’ve learned something in my life, and that is never to deny any part of who I am. I may not be able to understand all the reasons behind my thought processes, but it is all a part of me.
    I even used to try making myself into someone different, because I was never happy with who I was. But you know, that said alot about my deep lack of self satisfaction. In any case, I guess I was still pulling out very small parts of me. What is acting? We are all just drawing out on parts of who we are and what we think, just at different times.
    What I’m trying to say is, if you ever feel lost with your identity, just don’t turn your back to anything about yourself. And don’t be afraid of who you are.
    My thoughts are scattered. But I think you would understand.

    • Mm I do understand.
      I suppose every one of us will have all these different personalities inside and yes, acting is a way of letting these different personalities go. For someone like me though, these two personalities reign supreme to all others. Light and darkness…but it’s not quite so clear cut.
      You’re right about accepting who you are regardless of how many parts you’re composed. The first thing to do, I suppose, is to just be comfortable with everything. If only it was easier to do what you say you will….

    • Mm. It’s such an interesting concept to explore, no? Something to think about in those long nights when your two conflicting sides are battling each other…Oh wait, I think that only happens to me. Heh. In any case, I think most people will have more than one side to them.

  2. This is so creative, intuitive … I really like how the structure helps convey the message, which is spot on! A properly drawn yin yang symbol has two dots on each side where the other is blending into it. Try to visualize it in 3D, and in motion, it’s a good meditation, contemplation. Well written, deep …

    • I actually did try to visualize it in 3D and I think I see what you’re getting at. It’s almost as if the dot will blend in and make it all a shade of gray. How interesting and thank you for your input, gs.

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