I don’t want to fall in love.

I feel as if my world has been thrown off balance and all that glitters is you,

To what extent is this emotion? Oh how I wish, I wish I knew!

But I’ll survive yet another day, drowned in this seductive bliss,

I’ll plunge through the days and at night, I’ll reminisce.


I breathe in, taking in every ounce of whatever love you can give me,

But it’s not enough, not nearly sufficient to any degree,

I’m falling too fast, accelerating into this love-filled void,

I need to pull out quickly – quickly – before it’s destroyed.


I breathe out, feel my doubts slowly rushing back in,

My heart, it’s broken, it’s paper thin.

It’s clouded, it’s veiled, chocked full of chagrin.


Untie your holds, your designs on me, let me breathe free,

Let me go now, I’m too afraid, too terrified, you see,

So let this love fade away and leave me be.


But somehow these resolutions don’t stick to their goal,

Without you, I’m only pieces of some foolish, lost soul,

And somehow, I still fall asleep at night thinking of you,

And that, that is all that I know to be true.


I can no longer write without being consumed by this outward emotion,

I have become devoured completely by your loving devotion,

And so if we must continue down this path,

Let our love transcend through time’s subtle wrath.

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