A Pocketful of Love

You have punished those who have abused you a thousand times in your mind,

But you won’t lay a hand on anyone, you are being far too kind,

You have slashed away a million thoughts from your arsenal of dreams,

Falling slowly apart because life is more difficult than it seems.


But help yourself today and throw away all regret,

You are above and beyond this fear and this threat,

You are the shimmering sunshine at the dawn of a new day,

And you are definitely not weak, not as foolish as they say.


Take a pocketful of love in your slim, slender hands and grasp it tight,

Fling it forward toward a brighter future, use all your might!


21 thoughts on “A Pocketful of Love

  1. Well said! Sweet rhymes. I so love this too. The mistakes of the past can’t keep us from moving neither can the fact that we appear weak. More than meets the eye keeps us living, soon all we see us living life at it’s peak!
    Wow! New inspiration.

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