Our own little Promised Land.

I live on the edge of reality, on the pathway to a dream,

Where love is outlined in a sort of speckled gleam,

Where we don’t fight, but talk out our problems and lend each other our ears,

Where calming peace overrides all hatred, overrides all our fears.


I fantasize of such a place and put myself there,

I ignore the harshness in front of me that I simply cannot bear,

I’m a coward at best – a foolish dreamer at her worst,

And I dive into falsified miracles headfirst.


And your eyes will glisten soon enough with the same lustful, hopeful sheen,

Don’t haste yourself, don’t hurry, my dear, you’ll get what I mean,

Just sit yourself upon the throne of the castle, let yourself be free,

Imagine your very own kingdom, a place of reverie.


Come now, don’t lose your way, come to where I stand,

Forget all else, we’ve created our own little Promised Land.


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