Rewind, pause, and fast forward.

Six years old, still naive, still makes the same mistake twice.

She plays life like a game of monopoly, tossing up the dice.

She’s washed away in her own little world, a dreamer at her best,

Untouched, untainted, immaculate – hidden in the nest.


Stop time now, stop it before she grows old,

Trap her innocence into a neat little mould,

Forget maturity, let her stay pure,

For when it comes to wisdom, there is no cure.


She believed in guardian angels – in spirits of brilliant light,

She believed that the “good guys” would always win the fight,

She believed she was strong enough to stand against the evil,

But her beliefs, her beliefs were lost in great upheaval.


Sixteen now with every year weighing on her shoulders,

She has locked up the pieces of her childhood into a hundred different folders,

She looks into the mirror at the monster she has become,

And lets the harshness of the world turn her anima numb,

Older now, but she’s still far too young,

A thousand melodies of her life have yet still to be sung.


19 thoughts on “Rewind, pause, and fast forward.

  1. This is a beautiful piece; it made my heart quiver in memory of the time I wrestled with those same feelings. The beautiful thing about wisdom . . . eventually it brings us back to innocence and makes the world sparkle again with it’s endless adventure and intrigue and challenges and chances. It may take a while, and lots of pain and numbness and darkness, but that makes the sunshine all the more blissful when it comes. Thank you for sharing, ‘Nessa.

    • Thank you for reading, Alisa.
      And I never quite thought of wisdom in that way – that it could bring back the light. What an interesting perspective I must explore sometime…

  2. A marvelous musing on the hard realities of growing older and wiser–but one of the things that comes from that maturity gradually is the ability to sort out what it was, specifically, about our innocence and naivete that we miss and search for meaningful ways to reclaim it. Something I work on all the time! Love the poem.

  3. This resonated with me ‘nessa. The episodic memories of our youth…the good, the bad and the ugly, will always be a part of us; but, there are still so many more memories to be made. I loved how it brought me back to my own 6-year old self.

    • I’m glad it reached out to you and I do hope that there is something more than just words in my poetry. Heh. Cheesy as that may sound…
      There’s something about innocence that I yearn to rediscover.

    • Oh wow. I googled the lyrics and was stunned by the idea. I suppose great minds think alike – which is funny because I don’t have a great mind. Heh.
      But thank you, I do try to keep this blog as personal as possible.
      And thank you for sharing, I always love discovering new poetry, art, and music. ❤

      • Joni is an amazing poet (and songwriter). Most don’t know she was crippled by polio as a child and fully recovered. She got pregnant as a teen, gave up the baby, and was only reunited with her about ten years ago. Life comes at us hard sometimes, but it makes us better poets … I think her album ‘For the Roses’ was her best, most like ‘Blue’.

  4. Innocense lost, to a world so cruel,

    Where fairies and dragons, are the dreams of a fool,

    No longer playfull, no longer filled with joy,

    Is this the fate, of every girl and boy…

  5. “A thousand melodies of her life …” This by itself can become a title for another poem!! 😉 And even a book! 🙂

    Wow, I love the time contrast in this piece. It is great to reflect on what was before, to feel the present, and to somehow prepare for the unknown future. 🙂

    Another wonderful piece, ‘Nessa! iLike! 🙂

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