Good Ol’ February

This entry is completely out of my writing style and I must say I’m a little uncomfortable writing in such a different voice. It’s good to have change though. I think.


A brush of telltale fantasies

that seem to bring about this certain type of ease

Engulfs me with the coming of this new month –

an elusion fluttering in the February breeze.


This flustered innocence that I

know very well won’t last

Somehow keeps me contented with

ideals from the mass.


News! Change! Something bright

is promised in the coming of the new moon,

Don’t linger too long on the old thoughts as

the tides are turning and innovation comes soon.


Put aside the idling iPads and gussied up machines

and indulge in this new sensation,

Forget just for this moment, just for today,

all the floundering frustration.


Twinkle in some fairy dust, add some magic

to the brink of your life’s story,

Just for one day, becomne a vessel of

some greater power and invest in nature’s glory.


Come one, come all to welcome dear February’s arrival

And we’ll plunge forth through Winter as we await Spring’s revival.


18 thoughts on “Good Ol’ February

  1. Will it be unfair if I say this piece is my favorite of all? πŸ™‚ Am sure you will write many more great pieces that will end up becoming my favorites. But for now I love this one!! πŸ™‚ Great work! It’s good to challenge oneself with new things.

  2. A heart filled with chear and delight…

    Forgotten are the days of pain and blight,

    Push them aside, out of mind, out of sight,

    And think good thaughts of things going right.

    Dwell not on the past, search only the future,

    Whatever it brings, will be shear delight,

    For those who see, without fear, without fright,

    Will see the future, with clarity and light.

  3. hi bluesander,

    thank you for your visit reading my poems, i truly appreciate it. i like these lines, which speaks the strongest “Come one, come all to welcome dear February’s arrival…And we’ll plunge forth through Winter as we await Spring’s revival.”
    reminiscent of shakespeare sonnets πŸ™‚

  4. Good Lord, I wish I had enough time to blog as much as you do. Or maybe I just don’t dedicate myself enough… *shifty eyes*. I’m in my final year of University now and I appreciate the like! Subscribed also now.

    How do you find the time? Are you a poet at heart (with an awesome talent), or a future-novelist too? :P.

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