So if I treat you like a friend,

I’ll become lost out at the end

‘Cause I’ll worry myself tonight

thinking of how to make things right.

But if you’re my enemy – though I’m not saying you are,

I don’t have to care about you or what you’ve done so far,

But even so,  you’ll still end up in my dreams tonight

As I push this hate forwards with all my mustered might.


So what do I do? Standing at these crossroads, my mind’s all a blur,

Do I love or do I hate? Forget? Do I forget what we were?

You’re still in my mind, every second of my night and every minute of my day,

So give me black or white, anything! Rescue me from gray.


I detest vague contingency – this damning ambiguity that drifts through my hours,

It’s making me lose sense of what’s worth fighting for, the gold-encrusted flowers,

I never really appreciated your presence, but your absence leaves me defective still,

And this emotion that drowns out all the others – this love will break my will.


8 thoughts on “Frenemy

  1. Such is the vagueries of love, friendship and the like…

    At times it seems more like a blight…

    The one day you strive to make a argument right…

    The next you want them out of your sight…

    But no matter what you do…

    If the love or friendship is true…

    They will always be there for you…

    • A wonderful response filled with feelings I know too well.
      As for the last line however – “they will always be there for you”…I’m not too sure about that one. People can try their best to be where you want them to be, but in the end, it’s a difficult path.
      This vague friendship is too undefined, too uncertain to be certain of anything.

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