Something I happened to conjure up during my five minutes of free-write at this writing club I wish will never end. I might develop this or I might not. Haven’t written fantasy in a long time – I kind of miss it.

She bit her lip, tasting the bitter ardour from her own blood. A beast stood before her, digging his filthy claws into the cold,  fresh dirt. His tangerine eyes chilled her entire body. She stared back, mustering up her most ferocious look possible, her own eyes glowing brighter than humanly possible in the moonlight.

Run, her brain told her, sending compulsions through her every nerve. She would not run. She couldn’t. She knew the beast, knew how to tame it – if only she had her powers back. Oh how she missed her powers. If she ever saw that worthless thief appear before her again, she would rip his body limb from limb and drown herself in his blood. There’s nothing sweeter than revenge.

The beast howled mournfully towards the sky, the sound deflecting in every direction. Then it came, lunging towards her vitality as if she were some kind of languid songbird. The ends of her lips curved up, a malevolent smile that would cripple even Angels resonated on her face. She let out a little chuckle and prepared herself for the engagement.

13 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. I always get this strange tingly sensation all over from reading a talented piece of writing. I love writing my self, but I never know what to do with it. You can’t post a novel as you write as things usually seem to change…and you can’t post a novel once it is done, as it takes ages (plus the weird notion that someone might want to publish it sometime in the future…that could just be the Bipolar exageration of self talking…)

    I have started a couple but then my over active logic and reasoning skills tend to find too many similarities (irrational as it may be) with other stories or t.v. shows. I never know what my mind dreamt up or remembered…* music from the twilight zone plays in the background *

    • I completely agree with you. It’s hard to write a novel gradually, but at the same time, it’s hard to put something up after it’s finished – you’re too scared of it not being what you want it to be.
      I will be posting my novel up, however, as soon as I’m done the ending and some preliminary editing.

      And things really never turn out how you want it to be…

      • I can’t wait to read it! Your style seems right down my alley :D. And you are quite right…things never turn out the way you want it, but I do find that if I don’t create, at the very least, a temporary ending, it’s difficult to maintain a direction of the story line.

  2. I always enjoyed writing fiction – I like the idea Ottabelle has about doing it all without any magic – although you could stay within the realm of powers we a destined to develop (or have lost due to ignorance like in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)

  3. If you want to do something with this and are afraid of time, do it again in 5 minutes like you did this. Even if it seems unrelated, the pieces might come together again later.

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