I was a different soul.

Years ago, I was a different soul,

Unbound by aging’s wretched toll,

Years ago, hope was in the stars,

Not behind a school’s gray bars.


I used to hang out on the balcony,

Captivated by astronomy,

Minutes in the winter spent,

Hours under summer’s tent.


I no longer appreciate

What I did in that wistful state,

I’ve forgotten the wishes I have made,

Forgotten the prayers that I have prayed.


Extract from me a decade’s worth,

Allow my soul a child’s rebirth,

Remove the harshness of this realm

Plug in innocence, overwhelm.


Look around you, it’s never been gone,

Just hiding, just lost, just self-withdrawn,

Set it free, let it run and feel the freshness of the sea,

Set it free, uncover it from the city’s cruel debris.


Why, why, why, am I playing this game?

Open myself, open my eyes, to nature’s acclaim.


8 thoughts on “I was a different soul.

  1. Remarkable, isn’t it, how easily we forget and leave behind our innocence even though nothing can really *take* it from us if we are tenacious. Even a periodic renewal of seeing with childlike wonder is a great, great gift.

    • Missed you too, Jenzy! I hope this Year of the Dragon bestows all the luck in the world on you.
      Life is tough and sometimes we forget that there’s still beauty in this world.
      I hope you don’t forget. ❤

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