Demon shrieks and angel kisses encompass all of dawn. All of dawn.

Time slips past like an elusive shadow, it’s gone. It’s gone.

I’ll fall apart in your arms today as my dilemma bursts into flames. Into flames.

I’m tired of your broken promises, of your deception, and your claims. Your claims.


I’m angry and I very well know I shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t be.

Yet somehow I’m frustrated with my convoluted plea. Plea.

My mind is burning from the insanity, from questioning myself. Myself.

Books and memories are toppling off the shelf. The shelf.


I don’t see an end, I don’t see the way out. The way out.

I scream, shriek, squander, scold, and shout. And shout.

But nothing seems clear, I’m surrounded by haze. By haze.

Someone, something, somehow – release me from this blundering blaze. Blaze.


These voices inside my head – I hate them and I curse them every day. Every day.

Can anyone let me know – how to find my way? How to find my way?

8 thoughts on “Echo

    • I could very well take out all the echoes and change the name of this poem…but I felt like they worked better this way. Thank you for your insight. I’m glad you were able to feel a little trickle-full of my thoughts and feelings – especially while writing this.

  1. Sometimes the best thing to do is just stop thinking. For awhile anyway.
    Stylistic suggestion; expand the contraction ie., instead of “I don’t see an end” make it “I do not see an end”. Gives it more gravitas. As I say, just a suggestion.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I’ll leave it as it is. I’m a huge fan of contractions and if I change “don’t”, I’ll have to change “I’m” and “I’ll” as well. Plus “do not” will make the line a little too long, breaking up the flow.
      But you’re absolutely right. “Do not” is more powerful than “don’t”. I’ll take that into consideration in the future.
      In any case, I wrote this out of pure rage. And rage is such an ugly thing.

      • Sorry, I still can’t quite go with the suggestion. This poem was written in the most awful of moods. I don’t want it to be better. I don’t want to encourage those feelings.

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