What is Mine?

We’ve long decided that we wouldn’t share,

What’s mine is not yours,

And what’s yours is not mine.


What is yours?

My love is yours.


What is mine?


Those moments that glitter in the sunshine.

Those are yours.

Those laughs, smiles, hugs, and long conversations through the night.

Those are yours.

What is mine?


The lighthearted dinners, the small picnics in the field.

I yield those to you.


What is mine?



Heartbreak and heart ache.

That is mine and mine to keep.

What is mine?


The long fought out arguments and the shouting that doesn’t end.

That is mine.

The numbing nightmares that haunt these years and years to come.

That is mine.


This feeling of nostalgia, of sorrowful reminiscence.

This is mine.


You never wanted what belonged to me,

But I wished you would turn back and see

That I was longing for a piece of the happiness you took,

I was longing for another chance – one last look.


7 thoughts on “What is Mine?

  1. I have to admit, I recognize many of my feelings from long ago in your poetry. Perhaps that’s why it feels so ‘right’ to me. I’m awfully happy I don’t have that same kind of emotional turmoil anymore, but it still connects the dots when I read it . . .

  2. You are reminding me of why I started writing, the depth of what I felt was almost incomprehensible. Love, lost, living, time and time again, what we gain is sorrow, what we lose is pain, strength from strength unfolds, long within our reach, the light so dim within our time, the love so everlasting … I wrote those words in High School, and they are still etched in my brain, all I can say is this too shall pass, and in time you will know greater love, and perhaps greater heartache, but you will always long to know … be blessed, you are a child of the light !

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