The surface of his skin

sends shivers down my spine,

A different type of sin

crosses the line.


I have fallen in love with an idea, a projection –

Something not for human eyes.

Affected by impurities, imperfection,

Yet still a diamond in disguise.


If I fall, I will reach the bottom of the nightmare,

Reach the end of all my pain,

But I won’t, too conscious of what’s right there,

Too aware of the promised wane.


I’m encased with the sorrow that was never mine to take,

I’m encased with regret that causes my heart to ache,

I have gone too far, taken the wrong path,

and only I will suffer the demon’s wrath.


11 thoughts on “Sufferance

  1. Your poetry builds in so much emotions, so much feelings, i just couldn’t describe it in words. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful, awesome, remarkable, inspirational, perfect in every sense, etc etc! :).

  2. At first I was take back by the last stanza, but now I see that you have deliberately change the pattern of the rhyme to give the reader that pause to reflect. Well done, dark and mysterious …

    • There’s something about endings that I love the most. Most of my poetry can be summed up by just reading the last 2-4 lines. Glad you caught that.
      Thank you for the compliment.

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