14 – New Year’s Resolutions

2011’s over and done with. It’s time to start looking forward to a brand new year.

There’s been a bit of everything. War and peace. Happiness and sadness. Love and hate.

It’s over now and it’s time to make things better. It doesn’t matter how good or how bad things look at the moment. It’s definitely going to get better next year. OR ELSE. I swear. If you start the year off thinking it’s going to be the same or it’s going to be worse, it will be. If you are determined to make it better…it will be.

I am determined to make my world a little brighter.

Maybe this blog a little brighter.

In any case, enjoy the holidays while we can. Fill your new year with hugs, kisses, and all that good stuff. (What good stuff?)


So with every new year, I like to set goals. Here is a list of everything I hope to will do…(but most likely will fail trying to do.) STAY POSITIVE, ‘NESSA.

1. Finish the novel with the same name as this blog (Stronghold) and post it up here for people to read.

2. Finish that piano song (and most likely animated video?) I’ve been meaning to put up.

3. Join a writing contest. For the hell of it.

4. Memorize all my piano songs so I can finish ARCT.

5. Limit my internet time.

6. Survive IB.

7. Cure my depression…I think this is pushing it.

8. Get to know one person I can trust and rely on for everything AND not push them away.

9. Clean my room.

10. Learn how to play table tennis/ping pong.

11. Reduce gaming, increase studying. At least by five hours every week.

12. Finish another 1000 piece puzzle this summer break.

13. Respect myself and appreciate others around me. Give hugs when necessary.

14. Think a little harder about my future.


14’s my favourite number. So I’ll stop there.

Happy New Year everyone, and I do hope you’ll share your resolutions with me. (:



—tumblr: make some new memories this year. ❤


16 thoughts on “14 – New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Just read number 6 and did a double take! I’m an IB student myself – small world, huh? Number 7 is achieveable, in my opinion (especially as IB draws towards an end), but I’m not going to pretend I’m some sort of expert. I’m not entirely unfamiliar with sadness, though.

    Anyway, happy new year, and good luck with those resolutions 🙂

    • Heh. Good luck with IB yourself. It’s honestly something I struggle with as I have to balance so many things in my life.
      Thanks for your support. 7 is quite difficult as it’s more than just sadness, it’s a physical illness. I’ll see how things go though.

  2. I agree with iRemember: Clean my room; is the first thing to do, out with the clutter un-clutters the mind.
    We want to hear your Piano – music is from the soul
    Survive IB – well a bunch of intellectuals can be tough, so just go with it, I am sure you’ve got the mettle for it
    If you have a Wii, the table tennis game on Wii Sports is awesome
    Find a counselor you trust, talk to them about your feeling, don’t diagnose yourself, you’ll feel better knowing
    Check our http://www.writing.com if you want to be in more writing contests, there are always tings going on there, and a great crowd too.
    Most of all have fun this year, smile a lot !
    Go for it …

    • Thank you for the website recommendation! Will definitely check that out when I have time.
      And your advice seems very pratical and easy to follow – kind of. If you can consider anything. Thank you so much for your support, Grandfather. It’s always so helpful.
      I do have a Wii, but I feel like I’m cheating a bit since it’s not really a ‘sport’ per say if I’m on the Wii. Heh.
      I’ll try to smile.
      Thank you and have an amazing 2012.

  3. Hey Bluesander!

    These are awesome resolutions!! 🙂 And I think you will achieve them!!

    Let me pick on the ones I liked and surprised me!!


    “I am determined to make my world a little brighter.

    Maybe this blog a little brighter.”

    Yes, I swear I was gonna suggest that you should perhaps consider brightening the blog’s background color lol … am so glad you also thought of it! 🙂 Change starts little by little! 🙂 And you build on those little things to make it big! 🙂


    You are in IB!! 🙂 Good to know. I have done it too! 😀 And I can guarantee you that you will survive!! Just stay upbeat no matter what you went through in the years past. 🙂 Learn from your past and move on. Don’t cling on it. It will only drain your blood, and kill your energy to appreciate and enjoy the now. 🙂 And make sure you keep distance from people who have the potential to take you back to where you left off. Sometimes the people around us make a huge difference in our lives, sometimes they can make it hell. So it’s up to us to pick the right people to hang out with. 😀

    Good luck with your novel!!


    PS: I know you’ve noticed it but I wanna say it: you’ve been nominated for both the Liebster and Candle Lighter Awards!!! 😀 You deserve it! 🙂

    • hey, btw for your novel, check this site out! YouWriteOn.com … it’s really a great website to get noticed by publishers! … you will find out the way it works. sign up for free. post a chapter of your novel, get it reviewed, u review other people’s works, and who knows you may be the next best seller! 🙂 it’s based out of UK.

      • Ohh. Thank you for the website recommendation. I’ll copy it down and keep it in mind. I’ll definitely check it out when my novel is finished.
        Haha. Yeah maybe I could gradually make the background here lighter. As I get happier.
        You were in IB? I’m surprised to hear that as many people don’t even know what it is. Heh. It’s hard, but I’ll try my best to survive.
        I hope I can find the ‘right people’ someday.

        Thank you so much for the nominations AND for your encouragement. I honestly can’t thank you enough for your support. You’re willing to write huge chunks of text in my comment sections…that means a lot more to me than just a ‘like’. Hope you have an amazing 2012, Elyas.

        • ‘Nessa, it’s my pleasure. 🙂 I enjoy your work a lot, so commenting is just a natural response. 😀

          As for the website, I discovered it recently through one blogger who has gotten his book published b/c of it. Harry Nicholson, you will find him in the nomination list on my page. 🙂 It’s a govt funded program, and what’s exciting about it is that it’s free, anyone from any where can join. 🙂 And publishers like Random House are involved. So give it a shot.

          As for IB, yeah, I was surprised too to see you mentioning it. lol … In North America, AP is the most commonly known. So whenever I say I, people who dont know it react, “huh, what’s that?” lol … Are u in uwc by any chance? 🙂

  4. ‘9. Clean my room.’
    Seems to be the easiest of all your resolutions, do it first! Getting into a habit takes usually 27 days of doing it in a row, says my doctor.

    If you join the Scholastic Writing contest next year, I’ll do the photography one. : )

    • …..easier said than done. After a while, I lose track of where to put all my…crap. That’s what it is. I just keep too many things that really have no use. The closet I use to stuff junk is full. I hate throwing things away. Uck.

      Sounds fun. I’ll look out for it then. (:

  5. Lots of very worthy plans here, ‘Nessa, and not a bit that I am not absolutely certain a woman of your grit and intelligence can accomplish. If I may, I offer a couple of small “upgrades”:

    First, having dealt and lived nearly my whole life with both Social Anxiety Disorder and clinical depression requiring both therapy and medication in time, I can say pretty definitively that I doubt either is “curable”–but I am living proof that when one takes every option and advantage available to do serious battle with mental illness it may be survived *and* managed. Am I never sad? Nonsense! Do I have to gloss over everything that’s ‘too real’ with a thick impasto of cupcake frosting and just pretend it doesn’t exist? Not in the least. Life is still life, and I can fall in old holes and ruts any time. But on a daily and long-term basis, I am one of the happiest and most contented people you’ll ever meet, thanks to great doctors, a smart and no-nonsense therapist, medication that my body needed to balance out a couple of systems that were seriously impinging my ability to be fully myself and healthy and happy, and then surrounding myself with amazing people who stick with me no matter what. I hope you can find those ingredients that meet *your* needs so well.

    Secondly, and it’s related to the first, don’t wait until hugs are “necessary”. The more I hug and am hugged, it seems, the better my day tends to be. Or maybe that’s just me! 🙂

    I wish you all of the best, and a fabulous 2012 for starters!

    • Thank you for the advice, Kathryn. I’ll take what you said into consideration. I’m waiting until I grow up a bit and see if depression is just another sympton related with my teenage ‘angst’. I suppose every person goes through a low period in their life and I suppose this could just be mine.
      Hugs definitely a must then.
      Wishing you an amazing 2012 as well!

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