A Little Light

There is a little light shining from way behind her past,

She calls out to it feverishly, hoping it will last.

It twinkles, trances, threatens to disappear,

She’s crying, crooning, crumpling with fear.

Will it leave – leave her soul, her heart, her body for some other place?

Gone, without words, without sound, without some speck or trace?


She will forget, in due time, the feeling of its heat,

Her haven, her stronghold, her last retreat.

Yet, she loves the light with every section of her mind,

And its absence will leave her inevitably blind.


There’s no future for the light, so she clings to the past where memories lie fresh,

And thus it has become irrevocably intertwined with her very own flesh.


14 thoughts on “A Little Light

  1. That light can never be extinguished, I think. She will continue to be surprised by when and where it flickers back into power if she leaves the slightest possibility for it. Even if the pain is too intense for her, in this moment, to believe it even exists anymore.

    • Yeah. The light is eternal – as pain is. Even when you think it’s gone, it comes back.
      Even if it’s not in your future, it’s still haunting your past.
      it’s hard/impossible to get rid of.

  2. May the light last throughout the coming year!!! 🙂

    I Love this piece!! 🙂


    I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST!!! (lol am screaming… soli 😛 I just wanted to make sure you hear me loud and clear lol)

  3. I struggle a little with the last two lines. I understand and see your meaning, but I feel you rushed the closing, The meter of the poem changes too dramatically. None the less the meaning is clear. Very well done!

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