Love-Hate Relationships

It’s funny how one moment, we’ll be together till the end

and the next, we’re pulling at each other’s hair,

It’s funny how these rules can bend

as if you don’t really care.


I don’t quite get where you stand with me,

but I guess I’ll play along,

I’ll tell you I love you happily,

but really, we don’t belong.


There is no future for us,

but I wonder if a past was there at all,

There’s not much left to discuss

as conversation was never quite our call.


I love you as high as the skies can reach,

but I hate you for as long as a priest can preach.


So tell me you love me for yet another day,

So that maybe the hate will whisk away.


12 thoughts on “Love-Hate Relationships

    • That I am too.
      Thank you for the encouragement though…Depression isn’t something that I’m that comfortable with dealing in my poetry. I ramble on in random paragraphs instead. It means a lot to have someone like you read my blog, Grandfather.

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