13 – Silence and Rain

I’m the kind of writer that likes to write in complete and utter silence.

That is, if you don’t count the hum of my laptop as a sound.

Or, I use my thirty minute version of RainyMood to help me process my thoughts. My friends think it’s weird. I agree. Though RainyMood does make any sad song sound sadder when you play the two together. Try it. (:

It rains a lot where I live so I really don’t need to use it that often.

Where’s the snow?

I know that a lot of my friends simply cannot work without music and they feel an urge to turn some on when there isn’t any. I find that I can’t use music for anything except the most tedious of tasks. Like cleaning, work, etc. I prefer silence and rain when it comes to creativity. Ideas just flow faster this way.

I’m not quite sure where I’m trying to go with this, but I guess I’m curious…do you prefer working with loud, soft, or no music?

Do comment and let me know if you read this.



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14 thoughts on “13 – Silence and Rain

  1. The title of your post makes me think of “Tears and Rain.” I love to use music as a muse, but when trying to write academically it has to be quite. Good post !

  2. I only listen to music for my raps, lyrics and sometimes my comedy skits. But for my stories and sonnets I need complete silence so the ideas that flow through my mind are clearer and easier to input. Plus hearing myself think and having complete focus are two great abilities to have as a writer.

    • Mm. You’ll definitely need music or some kind of rhythm if you’re composing or just rapping. That makes sense. And that’s exactly how I feel when it comes to stories and writing – you need the silence. You need it to hear your thoughts. I guess – instead of other thoughts coming in.

  3. Move the Spirit don’t wait till it moves you, Spirit has forever, you only have a lifetime. Write / create, no matter what some will be good, some will be not so good, but you can decide what is wheat and what is chaff. I love silence, I love inspiring music, TV commercials distract me (obviously since they are trying to hypnotize us), I love the sound of engines, especially hi-performance ones. Metronomes are nice. Find excuses to write, not reasons not too πŸ˜‰
    Happy New Year 2012 …

  4. The closest thing I can get to silence in my house is some Jack Johnson with in-ears haha, so I guess I like working with music πŸ™‚

    On the other hand when I start writing the inspiration usually comes from my own mind and to get to listen to that… Well it’s a feat..

  5. I prefer the silence as well, and the tunes when I’m cleaning or on the treadmill, etc. I love the Rainymood link, thank you for sharing!

    I love rain, something beautiful and serene aboutit … you’re not weird by the way, you’re amazing and interesting. xxx

  6. Being married to a conductor, I often sit and create while listening to his groups’ rehearsals. But I can rarely *write* when there are lyrics/text. Usually that has to be drawing time for me. Visual images often come through nicely for me with the accompaniment of music of many kinds (instrumental or vocal; classical, jazz, blues, reggae, zydeco, folk, gospel, whatever); sung words compete too much in my head with words I’m trying to arrange, though. However, when the singing is in a language I cannot begin to decipher (say, Hungarian or Suomi or Hindi), I can let the sung text blend in and become part of the tune enough to write words myself again. I also love complete or white-noise silence like your rain sounds as background to my creative thinking. So I guess I’m at different points on the spectrum at different times. It’s a very interesting question you pose!

    • It seems like you’ve adapted to many different methods of writing and different environments over time. I guess it really depends on factors like your mood as well as what you’re working on. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how different people do things differently.
      Thanks for such a thorough answer, it’s really something I wonder about.

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