Insurmountable Hatred

A splatter of red corrodes the ground in a grungy, unfitting way,

It’s daring me, daring me to find the right words to say

To you who has torn my soul from the seams to the end,

So that maybe one day, my heart will begin to mend.


I’m bitter, resentful, and all around hating you,

A demon inside my soul that just grew and grew,

I dare not to cry, dare not to bring you out,

I’m tired of hearing those lies that you spout and spout.


I’m searching for that brighter day, but I’ve yet to see a sign

That one day my soul will be mine and only mine,

My self-control is weak and it won’t hold back the tears,

Your torment is spinning and spinning around those gears,

I hate the way I’m feeling, but I don’t see any other choice,

Your hatred is pulling down, pulling down my voice.


I’m hoping to find a cure, a remedy to my hate,

I’m hoping for some help from some greater fate.


My hopes will die in vain as they always have and do,

But that really won’t change my feelings towards you.

6 thoughts on “Insurmountable Hatred

  1. ‘Nessa, you are so able to tap into the darkest of places. I hope for your sake that some of that power comes from imagination more than from experience. Either way, you tell the story effectively and draw me into it, even if I come there rather fearfully, wondering where it will all lead. I guess in a way I can recall feeling a lot of these feelings (even though I came from a very happy and protected background) when I was your age–about 100 years ago or so. The purity and intensity of emotion is so sharp and unfiltered before we get a bit jaded with age, and you convey that remarkably. I hope that you find plenty of places in life filled with balancing moments of hope and joy. And that you’ll keep writing what comes naturally to you as you go. Be brave–and be safe! You matter.

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