12 – (Merry) Christmas

Before I get into another reality blog, I’d like to thank everyone who has followed me. I literally get ecstatic every time I get a new comment from you guys. I love the support and I wish I could support you all the way you have for me.

50 followers! I think I promised to start regularly posting art. I think I’ll start posting music soon as part of the art section. I’ve been half-writing a song for the piano (which will probably suck) and I’d love to get that recorded and have the sheet music posted. I love poetry, writing, words…but sometimes music is a far stronger medium than any number of words. There’s something about sounds that I love so much. Or the way words roll off your tongue – it all has to do with sounds.

The wonders of music…

(and I should probably nominate people for the two blog awards I received. Thank you sorealtonight and EpiphanyArt by the way.)


Merry Christmas to everyone!

It’s Christmas eve and I’m not sure why I’m here blogging instead of out there having fun. This year hasn’t been the best year of my life, but a lot has happened and I should take some time to appreciate the experiences – good and bad. I might just put that off till later at the very end of this year as Christmas is more a time of celebration than it is of reflection.

There’s something about Christmas that ties everyone back to their past. I truly believe that. Whether it’s because you’re thinking about the Christmas tree you used to put up but don’t anymore or whether you’re thinking about continuing Christmas traditions.

As for myself…I feel like my Christmas gets worse year after year. I’ll remain optimistic though since I do so love holidays.

I no longer put up the tree that I loved to spend hours decorating. Most probably since I always manage to leave the tree up until March at which point is incredibly awkward to have in your living room.

No one else in my family really gets in the holiday spirit. They treat it as just another holiday. In this way, I’ve never really gotten much of a taste for tradition. We occasionally go and visit relatives or have a great big dinner…but these occasions become rarer by the moment.

Let’s just say I have complicated family relations.

Even so, when I see all the wonderful lights that prominent all over the city, I can’t help but feel a little cheerful. Now if only it was snowing…I can’t believe it didn’t considering that this year was so cold due to La Niña. It rained today. Soured my mood. Sort of.

I feel like I should philosophize about Christmas since this is a reality blog, but I won’t.

Christmas is one of those things you should just let be.

A happy occasion. A not so happy occasion. Christmas spirit. Not-so-Christmas spirit.

Getting together with friends. Enjoying it alone.

If things are rough this year, Christmas leaves you with the feeling that things will get better.

I guess that’s the thing I love about Christmas the most.  No matter how good or how bad your winter holiday is, Christmas will leave it feeling better. Let in some of that Christmas air, clasp your hands together, and look towards the stars (or lack of stars) that litter the night sky.

Things will get better.



—tumblr: Merry Christmas and don’t stop dreaming. ♥

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