Would you forgive me if I knocked you to the ground

like he did while turning my world upside down?

What if I diffused our relationship into nothing more

than deception: a hoax, a lie, a closed door?

Would you forgive me then?

Draw me a heart with your pretty plush pen?

You’re still a child and I love you for that,

I hope you never find yourself in the claws of the cat

that ruined my life and vowed to ruin yours

that lurks in the deepest corners of your drawers.

Darkness closes in with every ticking second,

For your soul, a ghost in the shadows will beckon.

Don’t go to them, my dear,

There’s too much pain, too much fear.

If I could protect – act as your shield – I would,

But I’m no longer able to stand where I stood.


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