10 – Recommend me some blogs! :)

As the title says, I’m looking for more blogs to look at and read. Sure, I love writing, but there’s something about reading that I love just as much. I’m also an avid fan of art, photography, anime&manga, gaming, and anything cute. I love poetry (in case you haven’t noticed).

I may be doing as a way to relieve my own self-conceitedness, but I honestly do enjoy looking at other blogs. I love commenting oh so much. It may seem a little shallow to just be openly asking for something to read instead of taking the time to do it myself, but I value the opinions of other bloggers. I really do.

Oh my. I’m just making myself sound worse…

So give me some blogs to read! I find quite a lot on my own, but I want more. 🙂

They can be from anywhere, but preferably from either WordPress, Blogspot, or Tumblr.

Like this post if you want me to look at yours.

Comment below if there’s someone you want me to check out.

If I’m already following you, I’ll make sure to read even more from you.

As always, if you follow me, i’ll follow back. (:


11 thoughts on “10 – Recommend me some blogs! :)

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    • Followed both of the blogs you recommended to me. You definitely didn’t leave me disappointed. Thank you so much for the recommendations. And your blog is simply overflowing with amazing poetry. I think I’ll be spending a lot of time there from now on. Heh. (:

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