From the Wolf’s Eyes

[I will try to stop using Little Red Riding Hood as a reference after this poem.]


She feigns innocence with that bright red cloak,

Laughing away the days and befriending the folk,

She’s faking! She’s faking it,

but the town has succumbed to her wit.

If all is oblivious, I will do the deed,

I will act the villain and eradicate this weed.


She gives her brightest cherry smile as she exits through the door,

This greedy little witch – I’ll give her more than she asked for.

Her grin becomes sinister as she heads to the woods,

Taking a treat from her Grandma’s basket of goods.


I’ll run ahead now and set up the plan –

Hide and disguise as fast as I can.

Dear old Granny just gets in the way,

So into my stomach dear Granny can stay.


I await her arrival with slight anticipation,

At last, at last, her condemnation.

As soon as she enters, she knows something’s wrong,

But opens her mouth quickly and plays along.


This game we will play until one of us dies,

But you’re wrong – you’re wrong to trust her lies.


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