[ANIME] Voices of a Distant Star

Alternative name(s): Hoshi no Koe
Type: Ova
Episodes: 1
Director: Shinkai Makoto
Genres: Sci-Fi, Mecha, Drama, Romance.

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The Official Cover of the Anime

Plot (10/10)

Hoshi no Koe features a unique plot guaranteed to leave you in tears or close to it. It features a set of lovers separated by time and space. At first glance, it appears to be no more than cheesy love flick, but upon watching it, you are left in an atmosphere of utter awe. I won’t explain the plot here as that would ruin it for anyone who has yet to watch it, but I will tell you that if the plot were written in a novel form, it would definitely still have the same effect, provided that the author was as skillful with words as Shinkai Makoto is with animation.

Makoto-san is definitely one of my favourite animation directors as he is also the creator of 5 Centimeters per Second, ef, and The Place Promised in Our Early Days which all have plots worth watching. He is also the voice actor for the male character in this animation which seems to me as an indication that he has written in his own personal feelings and perspectives into the short, but moving movie.

Animation (9/10)

Shinkai Makoto animates and produces this film by himself. He has individually brought alive a work of masterpiece that touches people’s hearts. The colours and contrast meld perfectly to illuminate sci-fi kind of beauty in his work. Every scene is a perfect anime wallpaper and every landscape is worthy of being a work of art on its own. Perhaps I’m not the right person to be judging art, but I definitely don’t think that the graphic quality in this work can be ignored. The amount of colouring done on every frame is astonishing. The use of light colours on a dark background definitely swells up certain feelings such as hope or desperation into the viewer. The animation and detailed colouring set the tragic, yet stunning mood of the entire work.

Enjoyment (10/10)

I have never enjoyed a twenty-five minute work as much as this one. Yes, it’s only twenty five minutes, but it’s worth every second of my time. Honestly, by the end of the OVA, you’ll feel like it’s been hours since you started watching. He wastes not a single moment in the twenty-five minutes, bringing out a different point in every part of the movie. Typically in most movies, there will be parts where pauses or relief is evident. There is no such thing in this work. It makes perfect use of its length. Do I wish it was longer? Do I yearn for a sequel? No, the ending was perfect.

I have drawn elements from this work into my writing and particularly into my novel. Although anime and writing seem to be separated by boundaries of art,Β  I believe that great animes should work as novels and great novels as animes. Plots are essential in both. Hoshi no Koe will not leave you disappointed with is plot.

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