3 – 1000 all-time views so…

Thank you to everyone who has given my blog a look. I love reading comments – good or bad – so please continue to give me feedback if you have something to say. I can’t improve without feedback so I’m happy that people are taking a look at my insignificant little blog.

1000 views! Eeek! I just feel so happy that my blog is interesting enough for people to be reading it. As a celebration of meeting this milestone, I’ll start doing anime, manga, and game reviews starting from today. That section will open up soon enough and I’ll soon be flooding my blog with them. As a side note, I’m not turning this into an otaku blog. Heavens no, that would be horrid. I’ll only be reviewing anime and manga that are worth reading or are so bad and clichéd to the point where I don’t want you to read them. I like to recommend anime and manga that have plots appealing to any audience. As for game reviews, I will be doing the same there. Only games worth playing or are so horrible they aren’t worth playing will be reviewed by myself. If you want me to read, watch, or play something, please recommend me things in that section.

In addition to starting that section,  I’ll post a poem up later today to get my creative juices up and running.

My next goals: 5000 views and 50 followers. Things to look forward to if I do meet these two new goals:

5000 views – I’ll start posting up chapters of my novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo this year. Heh, I’m not expecting to reach this goal any time soon so that’ll give me plenty of time to start editing and finishing off the novel. It goes by the same name as the blog (Stronghold).

50 followers – I’ll start regularly drawing and filling up the Art section of my blog. This could possibly include making AMVs…short films?…and music.

Thank you again to everyone who’s supported me and helped me reach those goals. I’ll be counting on you guys to help me reach next my next goals in the next year or so.

I’ll follow anyone who follows me so if you’re in need of followers, just click that button or simply write a comment on my blog somewhere. If I like your comment, I’ll definitely go and check out your blog. Tumblr links are always welcome. ❤




—tumblr: a slideshow of anime goodies to get you all excited for my reviews…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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