2 – I should turn my blog into a poetry blog.

I think it was fate that I read the 24 Hour – Vancouver newspaper today and got a horoscope involving poetry. So I’ll share this moment and mark it down forever. I am in love with the concept of being able to play around with words. I love the feeling when you put two words together that just meld perfectly.

It’s ironic I feel this way when English is currently my worst subject in school. Wonderful, just wonderful.

I have contemplated about turning my blog into one that focuses solely on poetry, but I feel that it’s not truly representative of what I am. Poetry is not my only interest and neither is writing in general. I love to create stories, to wield poetic license, and to create a work of art, but at the same time, I love to read manga, play video games, and obsess over philosophy and psychology.

I also admit that I’m hardly a good writer or a good poet. I try my best to bring a piece of myself into every work, but sometimes I realize the lines I write aren’t very original at all. Sometimes I end up hating a piece I wrote. I’ll be perfectly honest here. I’m bad, but I’m trying to get better. I’m not afraid of constructive criticism.

I’ll try to start posting other things besides poetry around here. As much as I love the art, it’s better to have a variety of different ways to develop yourself. I happen to just have too many. Watch me grow…if you want. šŸ™‚



—tumblr: don’t stop dreaming.


One thought on “2 – I should turn my blog into a poetry blog.

  1. As far as not being a good poet, it you think you are good or you think you are bad – you are. I have been writing poetry for most of my life, and I’ll tell you it gets better with age; with experience (age doesn’t always come in years). As far as converting, you don’t have to, I am fairly new to WordPress, but all you need to do is set up a “Poetry” category, then give your visitors instructions on how to sort for just poetry, or just magna. It’s very flexible like that.
    Your artistic talent is evident in the way you have built your blog, so leverage that, and remember poetry is simply water-colored words:
    Sculpt into words
    and answers will be
    felt in appeals
    as thoughts are set free

    To color the page
    with silent surprise
    measures of moments
    lost to the eyes

    Trill quarter tones
    in a rhythm of days
    spoken by nature
    in autumns ablaze

    Resounding the color
    truth telling the way
    life is unending
    in circles we play

    These tunes, for the heart
    always beckons to feel
    its fate colored flowers
    the brush strokes will seal

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