She used to hold on tightly to her mother’s hand,

She used to receieve praises without any demand,

She used to believe that she stood on top of the world,

She used to believe that she was “the sweetest girl”.


She was taught to trust the opinons and ideas of others,

She was taught to respect her sisters and her dearest, dearest brothers.


But at the fragile age of six, the whole world turned on her,

Not compliments, but insults were thrown into the blur.


She was taught to believe and refused to refute,

She kept her ears open – her lips painfully mute.

She never learned to ignore what was thrown her way,

She never learned how to deal with feelings of dismay.


Years later, she has learned how to fake a grin

To hide the fact that the walls have already crashed in.

Years later, she learns that she’s not ugly, stupid, weak

And that she’s in fact clever and indefinitely unique.

Years later is too late – too late to fix the wrong

She’s already accepted that she just doesn’t belong.


People can churn their words to manipulate a mind

To smother them with words that leave them feeling blind

People try to take back these words – to try and “make things right”,

But the darkness becomes too deep for any kind of light.


So she will stand alone against the backdrop of her stage

Living out her life in an unjust, misconstrued, cruelly-put-together cage.


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