Ode to Google

Google, oh Google – you were my best friend,

performing searches for hours and hours on end.

I truly can’t thank you ever enough

for solving my problems ever so tough.

You were my teacher in more ways than one,

Presenting information ton by ton.


But Google, oh Google – when I needed your aid

With a personal problem that persistently stayed,

You provided no answer to this silly depression,

No way to remove this sadness in possession.

I turned to others seeking relief,

but Yahoo! and Bing only increased the grief.


So Google, oh Google will you please tell me why

I want so much – so much to die?

2 thoughts on “Ode to Google

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  2. As a side note, please don’t take the poem in the literal sense. No, I am not suicidal and no, I do not cut myself alone at night.
    I was trying to portray the faults in society and in technology. Thank you if you do express some concern in my mental state of mind. I’m sure I’m not exactly right of mind either. Craziness runs in my blood.

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