1 – Life so far

First non-poetry blog in a while. It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing poetry, but I feel like I need to articulate my thoughts in some other medium for a while.

Starting with this blog, I will be numbering my reality blogs. What is a reality blog? Just some thoughts and tidbits I get from light. Some ideas, some events, some interesting thoughts – anything that I need to think twice about really.

Included in each of these blogs will be a picture I liked from Tumblr. (Yes, this is a desperate attempt for me to connect WordPress to Tumblr). I genuinely believe in a no reblog policy for wordpress while on tumblr that’s basically all I do. Pictures for tumblr and words for wordpress. Makes sense. To me anyway. The link to my tumblr is on the side…if you’re wondering.

Life so far.

It’s been a rough road and I’ve heard it only gets harder.

From birth, I’m taught to treat others with kindness. From school, I’ve learned that things don’t always work out that way.

I’ve heard about tragedies, about problematic situations that exist all across the world. I’ve experienced problems in my own life,  but never had a big piece of the so called “tragic” pie. Poverty, famine, prisoners of war…the things that put life in retrospect.

Sometimes I think I don’t appreciate life enough. Other times, I live in fear of tomorrow.

I’ve had my share of bullying, peer pressure, and broken friendships. I’ll continue to have more. Don’t think too much about it as everything passes by eventually.

I’ve heard stories of love. I’ve thought that I was in love at one point. It’s hard to say what love is. Poetry is one method of trying to pinpoint abstract ideas like love.

The future’s bright. I can see myself in a million different places. A writer, an artist, a marketer, a doctor, a lawyer, a professor…what is it that I really want to become? I’ll find out soon enough.

Life is short. Don’t let small things get to you. Believe in yourself. I’ve learned these things the hard way. I’ll continue to make mistakes and I’ll accept criticism happily. Don’t stop just because someone’s in your way. Push forward.

I let emotions overwhelm me. I cry spontaneously. It’s okay.

And that’s life so far.



—tumblr: don’t let go of the red balloon.


5 thoughts on “1 – Life so far

  1. I know what you mean. I always end up reaching out to as many people as I possibly can. Pretty much everyone I meet. People would say I’m very friendly, which I guess I am. But in part, I’m always searching for someone who can understand me in ways nobody else can.
    And yea, for somebody who thoroughly enjoys their life, isolation might not be an issue. But when overcoming struggle, at least for me, expression helps to find peace within strife. And personally, people tend to have a higher opinion of me than I have of myself, which has always given me much needed strength.
    I’m on MSN quite a lot, actually. I added your hotmail one, because I’m assuming that’s the one you use for MSN. My email is wong.anson@hotmail.com

  2. Hope I don’t actually read it? I find that line so eerily wonderful.
    Anyway, if I had to guess, we probably met early summer. I feel like it might have been longer ago, but I think it was around that time when I last frequented OMGPOP. I know what you mean though, an online name is easier to forget than a face.
    And I feel the same way. Sure, I can say I have a fair number of friends. And a handful of close ones. But even when I receive so much support, I feel as though none of them fight the same battles that I do. Even though they approve of the paths I take in life, I seem to be wandering my path alone. I have often found myself reaching for understanding, only to receive advice that doesn’t quite comply with my thoughts.
    Admittedly, I enjoy occasional isolation. I guess it grew more comfortable over time. But it’s rather dangerous to keep all your struggle to yourself, isn’t it? I used to open myself through writing as well, but I’ve grown to give my entire life to music.
    Is it possible, by the way, to have a more convenient way of contacting each other? This will likely clutter rather quickly.

    • I don’t know. It’s weird, but I never feel like I’m on the same wavelength with any one of my friends.Yes, we get along fine when we hang out and when we help eachother out with minor things. They support what I do and what I believe in you, but they really don’t understand my train of thought and I’ve honestly never found a friend in real life that wanted to understand this train. Perhaps I’m just unlucky that I haven’t connected with any single person yet.
      Mm. I don’t agree that it’s dangerous to be in isolation. it honestly depends on the person. Some people can live in isolation all their life and enjoy what they’ve lived. Others, like myself, look for something more. As much as I love to be independent, I hate being alone. That’s about as bluntly as I can put it. I hate isolation, but live with it anyhow. It’s spectacular that you find comfort in music. I play the piano myself and occasionally the guitar (while my violin lies in shame.) It’s amazing what music can do to your soul.

      As for a different method of contact…I suppose that would be better than having a string of comments on wordpress. Do you use MSN? Or email is fine too. unknownsander@hotmail.com/gmail.com. Whichever method is fine unless you have an even better idea. 🙂

  3. Do you remember me? I went as SilentDesire on OMGPOP. It was quite a while ago, but then I recently rediscovered your wordpress, and thought the name sounded familiar. Even though we didn’t talk much, I remember what a lasting impression you made on me as a person.

    I don’t know how much this means to you, but I personally never liked letting go of friends. Even when it’s such a regular occurence. Recently, though, I’ve been experiencing struggle. I always live in the way I believe works for me, but I feel as though society has been trying harder and harder to push me away from it. Even though I can say there’s nothing wrong with my life and that I live happily, I don’t feel that way. There’s a strange feeling of isolation I have; I don’t know what the rest of humanity is trying to do with their lives. Am I insane?

    Well, in the end. I just want to believe I’m not completely misunderstood in the world. Though, I don’t think it’s possible. I do, however, need to feel a bit human sometimes.

    • I apologize for I can’t recall from the top of my mind your persona from OMGPOP. You’re still on my friends list so I assume I must’ve known you at one point. Would you mind placing a time frame for me as to when I met you? I float off and on the website and I’ve only really been able to keep close with friends that have talked to me consistently. I’m dying for a mass friend delete button, it’s difficult to keep track of who I still really know and who really still know me.

      As for your outlook on friends and life in general, I feel like we have a genuinely connection here. To be honest, at some points in life, my online relationships outweight the value of the ones I hold in real life. Although I realize that most people I meet online will forget about me after a few months of no conversation, I hold what I learn from them close to my heart and I can’t quite forget anyone who’s taught me anything about myself.

      As for life, I feel like I should feel complete satisfaction with the way I’m living. There are people that are fine with being alone and living in their own world. As for myself…I can live that way perfectly fine, but sometimes the isolation chills me. I honestly have no one I can genuinely share these thoughts and so I release whatever thoughts I’m holding onto writing. It’s stupid to say I feel alone when I have friends, but I do.

      Oh my, that turned out to be a huge block of text. Hope you don’t actually read this.

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