9 thoughts on “not getting better at art yet

  1. The first Toltec Wisdom I learned, was be impeccable with your word. Impeccable comes from the root of how the sculptors during Roman times would find a stone without flaw. A massive boulder to be hewn from the mountainside, It was know as impeccable, because when the artist went to cleave their designs, the stone would not fail them. One piece of advice from one artist to another: choose the words to describe yourself based on regeneratives, in your mind, your writing, your talking, everything. Please change your title, remove the first word please. i doubt it’s true.

    • Oh. I did use the word ‘yet’, didn’t I? (: Hopefully that’s a little foreshadowing of the fact that I will get better in the future.
      And in my mind, I know I can improve.
      But doodling will be doodling, and I’ll leave this post as is….Until I post more art – which will probably be much better.

      • Good! I like that you are confident that what you’ve created, on the canvas of the keyboard, is what you want it to be. The first word I spoke, was rather abnormal. With a smile, I said, “Yes!” So my perception is pointed. I dig your art. I hope your passion for it continues to build till it blocks out the sun.

  2. or you could do the whole thing trad. and just scan finished product if that’s easier :3
    coloured pencils are a nice media too… ;p

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