Lights @ Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 15 November 2011.

Will never forget this day of my life.

The night opened up with a band called Nightbox. I had never heard of them or any of their songs, but they were surprisingly good. More info about them is here:


The bass guitarist was cute. Um. Yeah, you heard me. Anyway, their songs reached out to me. They made sense. I so wish I could show you a video of what they sung, but I suppose you can always google them.

I recorded every single Lights song. However, the bass was extremely heavy in the theatre and so all of the songs are overwritten by fuzzy bass. Ugh. I have included her acoustic version of Heavy Rope though. Acoustic meant no bass. Still fuzzy, but not as horrible as the other recordings.

She was amazing. I assure you of that much.

Her favourite song in Siberia is Flux and Flow! I was thoroughly surprised considering that it’s my favourite song as well. Seriously mindblown. I swear I was bubbling with joy when she played Lions!. It’s still my favourite song from her record, The Listening.

“Lions make you brave. Giants give you faith. You don’t have to feel safe to feel unafraid.”

I was disappointed that she didn’t come out to meet us, but I suppose it’s quite difficult to do that in a city as big as Vancouver. I’m still proud to be a Vancourite, but I’m totally jealous of those cities in the UK when she signs stuff for everyone. Oh wells.

If you haven’t listened to Siberia, do so now! It’s full of awesomeness. It’s completely different from the soft tones of The Listening which I sometimes listen to when I can’t fall asleep at night. Siberia is active, roaring, and full of life. Flux and Flow, Siberia, and Toes are definitely worth checking out.

Lastly, as an outlook on life:

The International Baccalauerate program is killing me, metaphorically speaking of course. Lights was a great relief. Still, reality is sinking back in. I can’t dream forever. I’m going to work hard to make something of myself in this world. Starting with completing Nanowrimo this year…

Look forward to seeing more blogs around here. 🙂 And maybe my novel…?


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