Quick Drawings

Here are some of my (ugly) drawings that were done quickly. Posting them not because I’m proud of them, but because I need a starting point in order to develop myself. Art changes (and hopefully improves!) over time.

God, I hope I do improve. I have to learn to get away from drawing all anime-like ’cause that’s totally not what I aim for in my drawing style. Again, time will change everything. ^_^


4 thoughts on “Quick Drawings

  1. Excited for the day I am, when electric pencil in hand, or maybe wireless pen in play, I can write on the flat screen, project it across an auditorium during a class about creativity, and harmonize with this canvas as you do. My internet IQ is growing every day, from a novice/amatuer, to a…..as you said, only the future will tell.

    • That vision…it sounds amazing and I hope that it’ll become reality someday.
      To be honest, these drawings were done with a mouse, so I haven’t really gotten to use my tablet yet…Still a novice in that regard.
      I hope to develop myself as an artist in the future. (: And I look forward to seeing art on your blog.

  2. This art will sell. I especially enjoy the piano player. I have a friend who likes to sell what he calls, “cheap art”, yes a thirty year old grown man, sitting on the sidewalk, chalk in hand, drawing pictures just like these ones, and selling them cheap. I liked it. You do good work. I agree with everybody else. Scanning is easy, but I’m biased, I love to quick sketch on paper, it’s the first art that got me into being an artist. The seed you might say. The flint.

    • Ah I see. And don’t you ever stop doing that – making art with simple pencil and paper.
      Me? I’m a little too technology-inclined. But I’ll see what life makes of me.

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