[CAS] Churchill Lip Dub

The Churchill Lip Dub was essentially something to start the school year off with school spirit. When I heard that we were going to be the first high school to ever have one, I couldn’t let myself be left out. I’m barely in the video, but hey, I was there.

School spirit isn’t something I’ve ever been concerned about. Dressing up for school spirit days, going to dances…I haven’t really done much of that. To be honest, I prefer life outside of school rather than inside. Still, once in a while I feel that I need to do something as part of my high school if only so that I won’t become detached from the whole of it.

My friends, of course, persuaded me to join with peer pressure. The joys of having friends.

In any case, it was a ton of fun. I’ve learned a little bit about myself in the sense that I realized I have very little school spirit. Maybe from now on, I’ll become more of a member of the school community.

Here’s the official youtube video for the lip dub. 🙂


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