Sometimes my hearts. It hurts a lot.

Physically. Probably not mentally? At least I think it’s my heart.

Sometimes I question my sanity.

I’m probably not sane.

I love the word probably.

Pro-ba-bly. Yum.

She’s growing stronger everyday.

She learned to wield a bow today. A solar-powered bow that shoots electrifying arrows. How wonderful.

She asks why she can’t use a gun. The Professor tells her that guns can be self-detrimental. She laughs at the idea. The Professor sighs and gives her the gun.

She shoots.

Not satisfied. Her arrow travels farther though the gun is faster.

She gives him the gun.

He shoots. Smiles.

She lets him keep it.

They exit the ruins and return back to the labratory.

The Professor starts to cry. Takes the gun and fires at a steel wall. It ricochets.

Blood everywhere.

No one will save the Professor.

They don’t need one anymore.



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