What are they and why would anyone read them?

They’re comics. Simply put, of course.

I’m not here to explain what they are though. Nor am I here to elaborate on the population of otakus in the world.

I will, however, relate my thoughts.

Naruto - Shounen

Shounen manga. Fighting. That’s what you would expect in the typical shounen manga. A lot of conflict, whether it is physical or mental it doesn’t matter for it’s conflict either way.

Idiocy. Ignore my obvious bias there. I don’t indulge in the shounen genre at all. Perhaps because it’s geared towards young males hence the fact that shounen means ‘boy’ in Japanese.

Naruto is a pretty good example of the shounen genre. I’ve watched part of the anime myself…but I’m not here to talk about anime. No clue who or what Naruto is? Google it. I’ve wasted enough words elaborating on the likes of this genre.

Simply put, I am not a fan.

Never will be.

Constructive opinions are usually preferred. WHY do I resent the shounen genre? When have I ever said I resented it? Don’t assume. I like the shounen genre a lot. Just not in manga form. Watch the animes. Maybe I just don’t have the mindset to imagine all the action that occurs in shounen mangas. I need it animated for it to be real. Or real-ish.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite - Shoujo

Shoujo. A genre I used to obsess over. A part of me deep inside probably still does. Shoujo is “girl” in Japanese. So obviously shoujo is targeted at the female population. There’s nothing wrong with guys reading it – just as there’s nothing wrong with girls reading shounen. It’s a matter of taste. That’s all.

I’d love to keep to my biased little self and promote the shoujo genre in contrast to my calling shounen “idiocy.” I’d have to say shoujo isn’t much better than shounen. In retrospect, only some mangas are genuinely good and not clichéd and unintelligent. An original and touching manga doesn’t appear often in either shounen or shoujo. There’s way too little originality. I’d even go as far as to say that you’ll find more originality in shounen. At least the plot differs (though the personality types and conflicting situations are often repeated.)

Sigh. Where is the good manga? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t read shoujo or shounen. They’re both extremely popular genres with good mangas – if you know how to find them. It’s just that they can get tiring after you read quite a bit of them. You begin to notice trends. Notice clichés. Realize that the genre wasn’t what you thought it would be. No genre is.

Etowa -Yaoi

The last genre I’ll cover today is yaoi. There are dozens of other genres I could’ve covered, but I choose this one.

Yaoi is love between two guys. If you dislike homosexuality (which you should still tolerate because there is nothing wrong with being gay), then get out. Run away from this genre.

This genre is where I’ve read some of the best mangas ever. I’m not saying I haven’t read extraordinary mangas in other genres (which I have and quite a lot actually), but yaoi just captivates me. It doesn’t happen often in reality. It’s not accepted by many, the concept of homosexuality I mean,  and yet many read it in graphic form.

It’s strange really.

I love yaoi. It doesn’t have the weak female protagonist who is saved by a perfect male bishie (a ‘hawt’ guy) that shoujo has. Yaoi is shoujo without the idiocy. That’s what I think anyway. Simply take the uke and place a girl in his place. Perfection. Yaoi is for those who are tired of weak female protagonists. I was.

Okay. I suppose I’ll stop promoting yaoi. It’s amazing, but not to the point where I have to glorify it. Sometimes it really isn’t all that good at all. It depends on what and who you read. That’s the same with all genres. You got to pick the good from the bad.

My thoughts have been spoken.

I suppose no one really cares though.

I’m just here to rant to nobody at all.

I love shoujo, shounen, and yaoi. I’d read any of them. I’m simply warning future readers that you may find some mangas to be repetitive. To simply repeat the same typical storyline. It’s good to watch out for the good ones. Shounen usually has fresh ideas. It’s just not my thing to have so much action and so little romance. I like a mix of both. Yeah I know, I’m talking like ‘such a girl’. Well this sexist thing has really got to end too.

I like to contradict myself.

Call me crazy.

I don’t really care. 🙂


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