I don’t know where I’m going. No one knows, really. Some claim to know, but in reality, they’re only lying. Why am I calling them liars? Huh, wouldn’t you like to know.

Knowing. What a strange thing to do. I’m not sure I ‘know’ anything. I am, however, sure that knowing is impossible and very possible at the same time. Like this instant for example. Do I know or am I a person who is completely clueless, a person that doesn’t know? Am I pretending to know by acting like I don’t know? It’s completely hard to tell, isn’t it?

I suppose I am both. Someone who knows and someone who doesn’t. I hate thinking, but I like writing my thoughts down.  So many contradictions, so many similarities. I can’t tell where my thoughts are directed anymore. It’s like the whole word has turned upside down, but yet at the same time, I can see things right side up. Isn’t that world a silly place? Aren’t I a strange person? Isn’t everyone? I don’t know anything.


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