Rainbows – Reality?

Isn't this double rainbow just amazing? 🙂

Okay, I’ll be real this time. I’ll take myself out of my crazy dream world and talk about real things this time. What shall I talk about? Life? Friends? Family? School? Hobbies? Writing? I have no clue. The possibilities really are endless.

So rainbows it is. I’m sure we’ve all seen a rainbow at some point in our lives. That picture above is the first time I’ve ever seen two in the sky at the same time (I’ve seen three before, but this is my first time seeing two.) The picture isn’t all that clear since it was early in the morning (like 6am!) and the sky was still pretty dark. Still, it was an excellent way to start the day.

As much as I’d like to talk about rainbows for an entire blog, there are more important things to discuss.

Such as my future of course.

I love to write. That’s a simple fact about me. I like to be depressing also. I like to bring reality and harshness to the minds of others. I’m totally nice, right? In any case, I know I’m not the best writer. I don’t aim to be. I don’t even aim to have my writing read – which is why I have no idea why anyone would ever read what I’m writing now. I suppose that’s why I’m publishing it though. In case one day, someone would like to read it. I highly doubt that. Perhaps I’m simply doing this for my own reference in the future. Yes, that’s probably it. I’m just writing this so I can read it later on and reflect on how much of an idiot I am for writing this in the first place. Such pleasant thoughts, no?

One thing I want to talk about above all else right now is the name “Lena.” Why do I call myself that when it’s not my real name? Why do I insist on lying to the virtual world instead of being truthful and just saying my real name outright? Well, besides the fact that it’s simply not safe, there’s also the whole “role-playing thing” or rather, being a different person online. Lena’s an alias one of my friends on www.crunchyroll.com (I wonder if that’s still around by the time you’re reading this…or I’m reading this) gave me. It comes from my username: Bluesander. You can find the letters l, e, n, and a there so you get the point, right? In any case, I really liked the way it meshed like that and I decided to keep it. Now it’s simply something I use when I don’t feel like giving out my real name. It’s different, I suppose.

I guess that’s enough for one blog. Too much randomness is bad for the soul. Or so I say. Anyways, no more writing…until my next burst of craziness 🙂


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