it seems like life is a repeated cycle, staying the same…but evolving.

what do you do when you’re stuck at a wall and you can’t keep changing?

it’s hard. really hard.

it’s like you know something is in store for you, but you can’t see past the concrete. you don’t know if what you know is true.

what would happen if the wall disappeared?

would you know what to do with all that freedom? or will it all slip away before your eyes? you can never be sure until you do break it down.

so why hesitate? what is stopping the total destruction of such a road block?

it’s you. definitely you.

you can try to deny it however much, but in the end it all comes back.

possibilities lie in your hand waiting for you to use them. try it someday. it’ll definitely be better than what you have now. even if you fail the first time. or the second time. or every time after that. you’ll find out what things are meant for you and what are not.

you’ll learn to like things that you’ve never seen before because you were stuck behind that wall.

so why not tear that wall down now?

stop lying in the shadows.

the world’s not going to wait for you.


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